13 Different Ways To The Normal Distribution

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On the example of design of systems (art design the following tendencies were outlined now. The design should not supplement engineering design only. It is more developed design form. The designer carries out at once some professional functions:

This way of the description of system design consists in allocation of sequence of phases in it, and in these phases – chains of actions, or the generalized operations. Usually sistemotekhnichesky activity shares on the following five phases:

Design as a special type of engineering activity is formed at the beginning of the XX century and is connected originally with activity of draftsmen, need of an exact graphic representation of a plan of the engineer for his transfer to performers on production. However gradually this activity contacts scientific and technical calculations on the drawing of key parameters of future technical system, its preliminary research.

Division of the subjects and types of activity participating in design process can increase adequacy and semantic culture of those macromodels which are most often applied at this level.