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Ireland offers travelers a wide choice of hotels. Over all country the tourist can choose the luxurious hotel placed in the lock or hotel in a country house with a fine garden, cozy rural hotel or board, to rent the room in the house of the rural farmer or apartments with self-service, or to use a camping. In big and small towns to services of tourists traditional and modern hotels (from luxurious to simpler), boards, rooms with a lodging for the night and a breakfast, and also and lodges with self-service.

Barrow Daut approximately same by the sizes, as Naut and Nyyugreyndzh. Some boulders on which drawings of artists of times of the Neolithic are visible, frame visible part of a barrow. Two rooms in the western part of a barrow are created 5 thousand years ago. One of these stone grottoes has a ritual stone in the form of a bowl. It is the real treasury of rock drawings and artifacts, the whole museum of the European megalytic art. Barrow Daut is at the moment closed for visit.

According to Jane Williams, the marketing manager of the company, became the capital of Europe, the third on attendance, after Paris and. Offers the clients of Gresta Holidays placement in 25 hotels of Dublin.

Ireland is able to use the resources given by the nature and created by people. All opportunities for a of tourists are involved. Roads – trailering, a cycle tourism, trips on a cartage. A railway system – travel by trains. on beauty a country landscape – pedestrian tourism. Rich water – various types of fishing, travel on water. and architectural monuments – informative tourism. This list is quite long, and it is not possible to provide it completely.

The situation with tourism in Ireland such is that to the tourist is enough to have at itself only money, the guide and documents. Friendliness of the locals who are perfectly understanding value of tourism the developed network of placement, food and transportations will make for it all the rest. This indicator (whether the traveler can visit the country independently, unaided the tour operator as well as possible characterizes level a tourism in Ireland.

The Irish Forts deserve separate attention. They were armed with 18 or 24-foot tools installed on rails on the top part of brustver or before a fort and represented rather terrible fortification constructions. Thickness of protective walls made about 2,5 meters. Almost all forts remained, some of them were converted further in cafe or houses.

Large sums are made and in the objects attracting - parks, platforms for golf, aquaparks etc. The special brochure of Update Ireland ("the Updated Ireland") prepared by the Irish council for a is devoted to the description of new.

In Ireland there is railway a message between the majority of the cities, including the cities of Northern Ireland. Trains modern and high-speed. There are two types of a class: standard (Standard Class) - the 2nd class, and super standard (Super Standard Class) - 1 class.

According to Bord Failte (Council for tourism of Ireland), the leading tour operators expand the presence in the Irish market. If earlier leadership in sales of tourist's packages belonged sea and to air carriers, today their positions are restricted by operators, ­ on the organization of city excursion rounds.

The tour operator of Travelscene issued the new brochures of "Cities" and "Drivetime" where the considerable attention is paid to Ireland. The number of the hotels sold to them increased from nine to seventeen. Time Off considerably expanded the opportunities for reception in Dublin, and also offers programs beyond its limits.

By the closest consideration of a spot on a stone really develop in well familiar drawing of shadows on a surface of our satellite, visible with the naked eye. So this card - also the most ancient on Earth from cards such.