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Application of this indicator of profitability is the most rational at intraeconomic analytical calculations, at control of profitability of separate types of products, introduction in production of new types of production and removal from production of inefficient products.

Important factor of growth of profitability in present conditions is work of the enterprises for resource-saving that conducts to decrease in prime cost and consequently,  to profit markup. The matter is that development of production due to economy of resources at this stage is much cheaper, than development of new fields and involvement in production of new resources.

The leading value of profit as financial indicator of business activity of the enterprise at the same time does not mean its uniqueness. The analysis of the stimulating role of profit shows that in separate economic entities the aspiration to take high profit for increase in fund of compensation to the detriment of production and social development of collective prevails.

Aspiration in any ways to get high profit for the purpose of increase in fund of compensation leads to growth of volume of the money supply in the address which is not provided with commodity resources. From here - a further increase in prices, inflations, and, therefore, currency issues.