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First, a private property, evolving, even more often got not individual, but various associated forms - collective, group, joint-stock. Therefore in the western economic theory and practice representation according to which the private property is understood as any non-state form of ownership was approved. In it there is the logic since the state acts as the representative of society, and all other subjects of property personify only part of society and in this sense are subjects of a private property.

Actions are issued (are emitted) by joint-stock company as it was noted above, for attraction of additional money for the activity which is carried out through their realization to physical (citizens) and legal (organizations) persons.

The main lack of association - responsibility of its participants. Owing to the specified circumstances of association it is most preferable to create in the spheres of business activity, by the nature connected with small risk, generally associations - a form for small business.

Management of the current activity of society is performed at individual executive body of society (the director, the CEO) or individual executive body of society (the director, the CEO) and collegiate executive body of society (board, management).

Ways of placement (opened or closed subpeep by open society of the actions and securities of society converted in an action are defined by the charter of society, and in the absence of instructions in the charter of society - the solution of general shareholder meeting.

Voluntary association of citizens on the basis of membership for joint production or other economic activity. The production cooperative, like economic associations, represents association of persons and their property shares, and assumes personal participation of his members in activity of cooperative.

protocols of general meetings of shareholders of society, meetings of the Board of Directors (observant council of society, audit commission (auditor of society and collegiate executive body of society (board, management);