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Economic value of tourism as source of monetary receipts, employment of the population, activization of regional development, factor of restructuring of economy during a post-industrial era constantly increases. The industry of tourism is among three leading branches of the world economy, slightly conceding only to the oil-extracting industry and automotive industry.

8,8% of tourists are children. They also concern the subsidized visitors as social governing bodies of all levels allocate grants for acquisition of permits in children's improving and sports summer camp.

The persons visiting other country which is not the country of their continuous accommodation for the term which is not exceeding 12 months with any purpose except moving on permanent residence are among foreign citizens.

The main resources of the resort town of Gelendzhik for a sustainable development of tourism are defined by existence of the unique climatic conditions favorable for tourism, rest, treatment, rehabilitation and improvement. Recreational, tourist resources, existence of a resort and tourist complex (183 health resorts), the professional human resources capable to use the available potential for reception and service of guests belong to the main resources.

Trips cover activity of persons who travel to any country which is not the country of their usual residence for the term which is not exceeding 12 months for the purpose of rest, the business or other purposes.

The linear coefficient of correlation is of great importance at research of the social and economic phenomena and processes which distribution is close to the normal. It is easily proved that r condition = 0 is necessary and sufficient in order that sizes H and U were independent. Provided that coefficients of regression of ayx, axy also address in zero, and direct regressions At on X and X on At are mutually perpendicular (parallel: one abscissa axes, and the second ordinate axes).

Let's stop on some problems which interfere with development of children's tourism. First of all, mass children's rest should not be expensive. Children are not so exacting to comfort level: they agree to live four together and six together, to travel in a couchette car. It helps to reduce cost of round. But the cheap permit can mean low payment for employees. As a result. For work the personnel with bad professional standard is attracted.

Along with economy of resources of one of the reasons of transformation of selective supervision into the most important source of statistical information opportunity considerably to accelerate obtaining necessary data is. After all at inspection, say, 10% of units of population will be spent much less time, and results can be presented quicker and will be more actual. The factor of time is important for statistical research especially in the conditions of the changing social and economic situation.

The sanatorium organizations - the treatment-and-prophylactic organizations equipped with beds and providing prevention and recovery treatment of the population mainly on the basis of use of curative properties of natural medical factors. To them the sanatorium, sanatoria dispensaries, boarding houses treat with treatment, etc.

variable expenses, that is such which, as a rule, in proportion increase in process of increase in consumption of services of hotel. They include noticeable part of maintenance costs and repair of hotel, expenses on a salary, etc.

Tourism act as "invisible" goods. Characteristic and a peculiar advantage of tourist services as goods is that the considerable part of these services is made by the minimum expenses on a place. Recently tourism gained value of the social phenomenon. It passed from category of an elite product into category of a product available to the consumer. At the initial stage of the development tourism was considered as an element of welfare influence. Today it is considered the economic and mass social event.

The administration and all acting subjects of tourism take part in the organization of tourism in the resort of Gelendzhik. The main function in the organization of tourism belongs to administration of the resort town in the person of the deputy on resorts and tourism, Management on resorts and tourism as to the main executive body of administration supervising the sphere of tourism.