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The organization of exchange meetings for carrying out the public public auction (the organization of the exchange auction, development of rules of the exchanges. trade, material support of the auction, qualification office of the exchange).

The created exchanges were registered generally as joint-stock companies and associations with.. Founders of the exchanges were attracted that the exchange in the form of association can be zaragestrirovano in local authorities.

- there comes responsibility according to the promissory note of nadpisatel (those who appended signatures), and according to the draft - nadpisatel and the drawer. All these persons, except for endorsees who put words on the bill "without turn on me" are solidary responsible before the bill holder.

Requirement for quality, storage conditions, transportation and measurement. It means that the goods have to be easily standardized in order that it can be sold without viewing by sample or technical specifications. In practice of the exchanges. standardization put forms the main sign of originally exchange goods.

The simple. Represents the written document containing nothing the reasonable obligation of the drawer (the debtor about payment of a certain sum of money in a certain time and in a certain place or to other person by order of the bill holder

1 Information on the goods exposed at the bargaining on the corresponding commodity sections. Information is issued to brokers in 24 hours prior to the auction and inf-I am hung out this by the staff of department of trade in the exchanges. to a hall in day of the auction.

The endorsement - the transfer signature. The endorsement on the payer is valid receipts on payment. The endorsement can be nominal if in it there is no other name of the person to which the check is transferred. The blank endorsement - if in it is not present a name. The endorsement to bearer is valid the blank endorsement. The nominal endorsement containing the reservation "not by order of" means that the check of further transfer is not subject.

Are created and used for insurance of participants of exchange trade since give the chance to buyers of options to limit possible surpluses at the conclusion of exchange transactions. At many exchanges both future, and option transactions (The London exchange "Fox") can consist.