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Cordilleras. Along the coast of the Pacific Ocean the mountain Cordilleras system stretch. The Cordilleras were stretched by several parallel ridges. One of them pass near the ocean, others far recede on the East. Especially widely ridges disperse in a middle part. Here the deep hollows, extensive plateaus and uplands covered with the stiffened lava are located. The most considerable of them – the Big Pool and the Mexican Plateau.

Coast of the continent wash waters of three oceans (Silent, Atlantic, Arctic). In the south it is connected by narrow Isthmus of Panama to South America through which in the beginning the XX centuries the ship sea canal is dug. From Eurasia North America is separated by the narrow Bering Strait. In the past on a place of the passage there was an isthmus connecting North America to Eurasia that defined similarity of a plant and animal life of these continents.

North America, also as Southern, lies in the western hemisphere. In territory size – 24,2 million kvdratny km (with islands).-It concedes to Eurasia and Africa. North America lies in subarctic, northern, moderate and subtropical belts.