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For total amount skvitovanny for day of EPD on each region recipient of EPD the memorial warrant in which the reference to the corresponding register of skvitovanny payments is specified is made out. Information on the confirmations received in the GRKTs-sender of payment is transferred on the modem to payment processing center for creation of the paper document confirmation of reception of EPD by the GRKTs-recipient.

The electronic payment documents enlisted in the GRKTs-recipient on the personal account opened on balance account 30811 as not passed logical control, come back as a part of EPD package on return of payments in the GRKTs-sender. EPD package on return is formed programmatically.

Further processing of documents at which all listed requisites coincide, can be carried out only after specification of these requisites. If as a result of specification it becomes clear that one of payments is entered mistakenly, the following operations are carried out:

Control of interregional electronic payments is provided with performance of the following procedures: - matching of the sent EPD with confirmations on their receiving; - daily verification of quantity and the sum of EPD sent to the previous working day; - monthly verification of conditions of accounts of the accounting of interregional electronic payments. For daily verification of electronic payments the GRKTs-sender of EPD on the basis of information on the sent ED which are carried out on balance of GRKTs forms ESID containing data on quantity and total amount of the sent EPD including on return of payments. The specified ESID is transferred in the GRKTs-recipient of EPD no later than 9 hours 30 minutes of local time of the working day following behind day of departure of data of EPD.

I ask to report about obtaining the modifed software in Department of information systems on KOIS "Remart" (MARGO-IN library). The message has to include the name of territorial office, the software date of receipt, number of a task, the version and date of introduction of a program complex, the name of the Basic object of informatization which developed this program complex.

Thus, for each region participating in calculations open on two personal accounts on balance accounts 30903, 30904 and 3090 To these accounts card files of the corresponding EPD are conducted. The interregional electronic payments transferred from payment processing center to GRKTs for sending to GRKTs-the recipient of EPD are considered in payment processing center as the intra regional electronic payments (IREP).

Showed practical experiment of the last decades of the XX century in the countries which are most developed economically, to be exact proved that only widespread introduction of electronic system of clearing monetary settlements is capable to lift national economy on higher step of the development.

On the electronic payments which came to GRKTs packages of ESID-confirmations on acceptance of EPD to a wire are created. The created package of ESID-confirmations goes to the region sender of payments in day of receiving EPD or the next working day, but no later than 10 hours of local time. At receipt in GRKTs of ESID-request for in due time uncollected confirmations, analysis of the reasons which caused inquiry is carried out.

In case of negative results of check on possibility of payment of EPD are located in intra day turn of the postponed payments until receipt on kor.scht TO the means sufficient for payment of EPD. In the presence of the postponed EPD all subsequent EPD are located in intra day turn in process of their receipt. If during the operational day necessary means did not arrive, ESID with the notice on refusal in payment and the indication of the reason of return of the document goes to the address TO:

The digital digital signature (ETsP) is a cryptographic security measure of information and provides possibility of control of integrity and authenticity of the electronic payment documents transferred on telecommunication channels and communication lines or which are written down on magnetic carriers.