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On a fruit branch there can be 10 — 15 knots of branching, and grades with a large number of knots possess usually and long laterala. Dilayt and Glen form productive varieties in 14, and Molling dzhuyet (an of 12 — 14 t/g — about 10 knots on one lateral However on the lower knots of a branch of berry usually do not therefore very to select grades with high percent of knots on which berries are formed. So, at dzhuyet there are about 68% of knots to berries, and at Molling the admiral — about 55%.

In our work biological opportunities of productive large-fruited forms of raspberry on a basis as gene of L1 and on a new genetic basis for the purpose of allocation from them future parental forms as genetic donors of efficiency and quality of berries of raspberry are studied.

On well developed plants of a large production of raspberry, as a rule, receive on seven — nine berries on one lateral. Therefore it is possible to tell about potential formation of 8 million berries at a on average 1 million lateral on 1 hectare. As at grades the average of berries fluctuates between 2 and 3 g, the potential makes them 16 — 24 t/hectare.

Actually these grades are genetic donors of a krupnoplodnost and efficiency, and have not equal in our country. Both Krupnoplodnost, and efficiency in these six grades of raspberry is caused by L1 gene ( - large) which is inherited according to the monogenic scheme.

Simultaneity of maturing of berries over the last ten years gets increasing, and, probably, in the future of a grade of raspberry, like the black, will recognize proizyovodstvenno-valuable only in the presence at them simultaneous maturing. Now at the same time ripening grades of raspberry are absent therefore on the same grade carry usually out four — eight of berries. It extremely harvesting.

Scientists found out that raspberry berries — it is sources of vitamins C, P, B the person ate a glass of berries of this culture and the vitamins containing in them will be enough for it for the whole days. And in raspberry other substances useful to us, such as compounds of phosphorus, iron, manganese, potassium, copper are found. Them it is necessary very little for the person, his normal health but if these substances are not enough for his body, the body starts hurting. Sweet raspberry turns out because of existence in its berries of sugars (to 12%), sourness in berries is provided with organic acids: apple, lemon, amber and others (to 2,5%). There are in raspberry berries a few proteins (0,5-0,8%), vitamin C (10-70%), catechins (to 80 mg/%), antotsian (100-150 mg/%). The special medical substance — beta sitosterol which interferes with adjournment of cholesterol in walls of vessels and, therefore to emergence of a sclerosis is revealed in raspberry. According to the maintenance of this veshchesv raspberry usupat only to sea-buckthorn fruits. Favorably raspberry berries affect blood formation, warn leukemia and an anemia. B9 vitamin (salicylic acids possesses bactericidal properties. Especially there is a lot of (0,2-0,45%) this acid in the berries which were overripe.

The raspberry hybrids forming on 60 and more buds on one lateral instead of 14 — 2 Very long laterala at separate grades are known lead to formation of a small number of berries on one lateral, and vice versa. Probably, there is some competition between development of vegetative and parts on the same lateral And still only of 70 — 80% of flowers usually give berries.

The main shortcomings of usual grades are connected with lack of a krupnoplodnost and rather small number of berries on a branch. If already krupnoplodnost and number of berries on a fruit branch (40 — 6 to combine with other components of an, on the basis of grades by a of these indicators to receive grades with average productivity of 12 — 15 t/hectare It is the real average level of an of raspberry in the fifth anniversary.

Raspberry in our country is mainly in zones with low winter. The damaging of a frost can be therefore in the course of selection at this culture adaptive reactions to each such were developed, and their sum in one grade does it winter-hardy.