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In the agricultural enterprises reduction in production of meat of cattle (for 22%) and pigs (for 9%) was followed by essential increase in production of fowl (for 11%). Thus the increase in faces of a bird considerably advanced her gain at cultivation. The lack of raw material meat resources promoted significant increase in the prices of realization of cattle and a bird which for January - March grew more than by 42% even at their control by sprosovy restrictions.

The price index of producers of an industrial output in September of this year increased in comparison with the last month and made 105,9% (in August it was equal 104,6%). The greatest gain of this type of the prices was observed in fuel industry (114,8%). Growth rates of the prices in the branches working for the end user were below srednepromyshlenny level.

Consequences of an aggravation of a financial and all-economic crisis continue to affect adverse investment climate. As a result of surge in inflation, undermining trust of the population to the state and financial institutions, the increased investment risks the considerable part of potential of savings is brought out of an economic turn, including taken out abroad.

Considerable changes during the period after an aggravation of crisis were undergone by structure of use of the monetary income of the population. The population expenses on purchase of goods and fee are exceeded steadily by 80 percent. Decrease in purchasing power of the population caused reduction of a share of expenses on nonfoods and by fee, at the compelled redistribution of cash expenditures in favor of food. It is noted on the majority of groups of the population, but especially on low-profitable groups.

Higher dynamics in comparison with the initial forecast will characterize outputs in the coal industry, nonferrous metallurgy, the chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering and metal working, forest, woodworking and pulp and paper industry, the industry of construction materials.

High level of faces, murrain and bird, irrational structure of herd of cattle (specific weight of cattle of the meat direction in the agricultural enterprises makes only 4%), decrease in average weight of one head of animals led to sharp reduction of meat resources of the country.

Dynamics of investments into fixed capital is one of the most important characteristics of a condition of cumulative demand in economy, growth of investments testifies to improvement of prospects of development of production and reproduction processes.

At the same time, in structure of consumption the share of goods of a domestic production, generally due to reduction of import of nonfoods raised a little: products of light industry and goods of cultural and community and economic appointment. Also the share of domestic products in commodity resources for the population on meat and meat products, animal and vegetable oil raised.

Decrease in import was also observed on all commodity groups. Deliveries of machine-building production were reduced by 1,8 times, metals - in 1,7, the food - in 2, production of chemical industry - almost by 1,5 times. The main articles of import from the CIS (66,98%) - ferrous and non-ferrous metals, machine-building production and production of fuel and energy complex.

At the same time the income of the population remained low. Low level of the income of house farms, on the one hand, defined low level of demand, and, as a result, limited development of production and increase in a turn of retail trade, on the other hand, promoted preservation of low rates of inflation.