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At touch type of reaction the attention of the boxer is generally concentrated on solving plans of the opponent and to provide his actions. In this case the athlete often misses opportunity in due time to attack, be protected and counterattack.

Feeling of a distance – ability of the boxer precisely to define distance to the opponent. In boxing the feeling of a distance is shown in two forms – at attack and at protection. So, for the boxer of the counterattacking manner of conducting fight the feeling of a distance connected with protective actions is characteristic.

Boxers have to know that the good feeling of a distance will allow them to be protected and attack more successfully. The best means for development of feeling of a distance are fights in couples. In conditional fights the trainer has to give the tasks demanding the correct determination of distance to the opponent that will promote the conscientious and active attitude of boxers to work on development of feeling of a distance.

The boxers having motor type of reaction focus attention generally on own blows or protection, but not on coordination of the actions with actions of the opponent and his plans. As a result of it they hasty and often not quite after careful consideration attack and are prematurely protected.

If in cyclic sports any one physical quality (for example, the runner marathoner or at the cyclist has a high endurance) can be the main thing, boxers have to have rather developed all physical qualities.

For boxing the deep coherence of various mental qualities, as, for example, feelings of a distance with time sense and speed of reaction is characteristic; or feelings of orientation on a ring with feeling of a distance.