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Intro to write a comparative thesis statement

For completeness measurement by scientists - bibliotekoveda the concept "completeness degree" (8 was offered, to page which is expressed by the relation of the documents which are available in receipts or the section of fund to documents in a documentary stream, necessary for library, received as a percentage.

Having arisen, reader's demand starts influencing library stocks, defining their development, and that, or other extent of use. Only in the course of use created (library stocks by the valid means of satisfaction of reader's demand also become formed, and library process comes to the end. At the same time during use of funds there is a need for new editions which is shown in reader's demand. It, changes under the influence of library stocks, itself makes on them direct impact, stimulating further development and improvement.

To need of subscribers it is expressed in their inquiries for the document which they make to the librarian. Now theoretical development of the concept "inquiry" still the extremely insufficient though, as we know, it is

The valid reader's inquiry expresses those information requirements which the expert considers it necessary to satisfy, i.e. it is all potentially possible volume of request for a certain type of library stocks. In the course of its realization turns into each valid reader's inquiry given the period in satisfied and unsatisfied. The satisfied inquiry actually is realized in the course of use of library stocks. It is less than valid reader's demand for the size of unsatisfied inquiry. Quantitative characteristic

The second requirement - definition of necessary and sufficient number of criteria. Monocriteria approach which assumes a choice from all indicators characterizing formation of library stocks, the most important which is most answering to the expected result, and its transfer to a criterion rank is correct.